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Amarillo (yellow): Pineapple confit, mango espuma, and mandarin saffron sorbet
Banana Wonton: Le Colonial Banana Wonton with chocolate and vanilla sauce
Belgian Chocolate Budino: Belgian Chocolate Budino & Huckleberry compote with Bleu Saint Agur & Lavender Honey
Berry Berry Dangerous Bunuelos: Bunuelos, little doughnut holes, are made with Cocoa Pete's Berry Berry Dangerous dark chocolate inside
Bittersweet chocolate-almond tartlet with Maltimus Maximus triple cream: Almond flavored pastry shell filled with chocolate cream filling and topped with pastry cream with grated Cocoa Pete's Maltimus Maximus chocolate
CHOCOLATE BANANA CUSTARD TART: This is a great base recipe for tarts using all types of fruit. Apricots, sweet cherries, poached pears, and raspberries are all excellent.
Cappuccino crisp: Cappuccino crisp with walnut dacquoise, hazelnut crisp and chocolate cappuccino mousse
Chicken-Fried Strawberries: Chicken-Fried Strawberries with Cinnamon Vanilla Cream (Serves 4)
Chocolate Mousse King: Bittersweet chocolate mousse with brownie cake and raspberry coulis
Chocolate Souffle Tart: Chocolate Souffle Tart with Candied almond crunch
Chocolate Tres Leches Cake with Pecan Flan and Raspberries
Churros Con Crema y Cajeta: Churros Con Crema y Cajeta, Churros filled with Bavarian Crème and served with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce
Copa Caramello: Lemon flan fills a caramelized pine nut mold.
Dream of Hacienda
Earl Gray Tea and Chocolate Mousse: A chocolate biscuit, creme brulee, chocolate creme anglaise go into the chocolate bomb which is then airbrushed with chocolate spray and garnish with orange sauce.
Frozen Mamey Sapote Mousse
Goldy the Goldfish: Puff pastry fish filled with frangipane set over sugar coral
Grayson and Emma's Garden Spot Peach Cobbler
Grilled Zinfandel Peaches with Kasseri
Lemon cake with fresh berries, candied lemon peel, cookie, sour cream sorbet
Limoncello Zabaglione with Berries: Zabaglione (pronounced za-bal-YO-nay) is one of the richest yet surprisingly light traditional Italian desserts. Itís generally made using Marsala wine, but wait until you taste it made with Caravella Limoncello! No matter what the weather is like outside, the bright lemon flavor of Caravella Limoncello will transport you right to the sunny skies of the Amalfi coast. I like to spoon it over strawberries or fresh figs, depending on the season, and eat it while it's still warm. Warm or chilled, this is an elegant, yet easy-to-prepare dessert. For an added creaminess, you can whisk in a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream. Either way, youíll love this Italian favorite
Marsala Desert: Fresh fruit with a marsala sabayone
Medjool date and almond tart: Date and almond tart with blue cheese mousseline, orange blossom honey and candied almonds
Milk Chocolate Cremoso with Espresso Parfait
Molten Chocolate Cakes with Orange Essence: Bittersweet chocolate cake is balanced with a delicious orange reduction, Citrus Recipe Cook-off winning recipe
Panna Cotta: with fresh berries macerated in Grand Marnier
Poached Pears with Espresso Ice Cream: Fennel Pod Poached Pears with Mascarpone Cream Pear Compote, Espresso Grand Fir Scented Ice Cream and an Espresso Lemon Verbena Caramel
Quince Tart with Mead
Raspberry Chocolate tartlet
Team Japan Plated Dessert: Peach Soup with the Vervain Mint Sorbet–the wind blowing waterside
Team Singapore Bonbons: Fennel Ganache with Candied Fennel (Hand dipped) Nutty Spicy Florentine (non chocolate filling) Tobacco Ganache (molded ganache) Pepper mango tuile
Valrhona ganache: Valrhona ganache with orange ice cream and pistachios
Vermilion Hedonism: A dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache
Warm Almond Butter Cake Financier: with Triple Berry Port Compote, Triple Berry Port Compote and Vanilla anglaise
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