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Inspiration for Executive Chefs
Drizzle of Decadence
Gourmet Oils & Vinegars Transform Dishes from Ordinary to Extaordinary
Whether one is dining at morning, noon or night,
discover how chefs take advantage of the unique
flavor profiles of sesame, grape seed, hazelnut, truffle and other artisan-infused oils and vinegars to add the perfect finishing touch to a dish.

Johnny Gnall

Brunch is Back
Chef's Creative Cuisine is Rising -- and Shining
Focusing on creative dishes that elevate morning fare to more than your basic omelets, French toast and bottomless mimosas; chefs challenge kitchens while satisfying diner’s sophisticated palettes. Say good-bye to sausage and egg sandwiches and good morning to pork belly with poached eggs on rosemary biscuits.
Susannah Chen

Hungry Night Owls
Late-Night Dining Caters to Chefs & Discerning Diners Alike
More and more restaurants are giving diners an
excuse to stay out into the late hours of the night by serving up gourmet bites long after most kitchens have turned off their stoves. These are the places where chefs and servers just off work mingle with hungry bar patrons, enjoying a spread of fare ranging from entrees to nibbles.
Mika Takeuchi

A Date with Dairy
Chefs' Yogurt & Creme Fraiche Love Affair
Many restaurants are using high quality milk from
boutique dairies to create exquisite sauces, dips and desserts containing yogurt and crème fraiche. Learn how these internationally beloved dairy products can transform items on your menu from unremarkable to memorable.

Jordan Karnes

Tea as an Ingredient
From Kettle to Kitchen, Chefs Push Tea Beyond the Cup onto the Plate
Everyone knows the health gains of drinking tea, but what about the taste benefits of cooking with one of the world’s most beloved beverages? From tea-smoked salmon to Chai-tea stuffing, tea on the plate is smoking!
Chris Holt

Kick-starting his career at the chefs’ favorite Blue
Ribbon in New York, followed by stages in England and France, then joining Thomas Keller’s team at Per Se and later, French Laundry, Executive Chef Corey Lee of San Francisco’s Benu is only beginning.

Gayle Keck

Dungeness Crab Salad with Cucumber Gelée, Avocado, Mango & Cilantro Oil
Mission Beach Cafe's MBC Huevos with Yellow-Indian-Woman Beans & Cojita Cheese
Straus Yogurt Cheese with Heirloom Cucumbers & Almonds
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Culinary Trends

The "Munchburger" with Fancy Sauce
Blueberry Sablé, White Chocolate & Shan Lin Shi Oolong Tile
Jasmine Chicken with Dates & Green Onion