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Blueberry Sablé, White Chocolate & Shan Lin Shi Oolong Tile

Executive Pastry Chef & Owner William Werner
Tell Tale Preserves


120 grams almond flour

80 grams butter, room tem perature

20 grams confectioner’s sugar

25 grams freeze-dried blue berries, powdered

30 grams egg white, room temperature

.04 grams salt


Paddle butter, salt, confectioner’s sugar, blueberries and almond flour together. Add egg white and mix until incorporated. Save 50 grams of dough and spread the remaining between two sheets of acetate at 1/16” and freeze.

Remove top sheet of acetate and pipe the 50g of dough with a small round in abstract pattern over the sheeted dough and return to freezer. Once frozen, cut into 3.75” squares and place in the dehydrator for 48 hours at 55?F.

[Yogurt-Covered Blueberries]

50 grams fresh blueberries

5 grams yogurt powder

2 grams dextrose


Using an oil mister, lightly spray blueberries with oil. Sift yogurt powder and dextrose together and toss with blueberries and reserve.

[Blueberry Pate de Fruit]

125 grams blueberry puree

125 grams Shan Lin Shi oo long tea (200 grams water with 1 Tbsp of tea)

12 grams glucose

25 grams sugar 1

10 grams pectin

162 grams sugar 2

175 grams sugar 3

7.5 grams citric acid

7.5 grams water


Bring puree, tea infusion and glucose to a boil; add sifted sugar 1 and pectin. Return to a boil and add sugar 2. Return to a boil and add sugar 3; let boil for 2 minutes. Add dissolved citric acid and cast into a lightly greased cannoli mold and let cool. Unmold pate de fruit and roll cylinder in sugar, slice 1/16-inch thin rounds and reserve.

[White Chocolate-Oolong Crème]

200 grams milk

10 grams glucose

5 grams gelatin

340 grams white chocolate ivorie

10 grams cocoa butter

400 grams cream

10 grams shan lin shi oolong


Cold infuse tea with cream for 24 hours. Strain and rescale cream. Melt chocolate and cocoa butter bring milk, glucose and gelatin. Add milk to chocolate and create an emulsion and add the remaining cold cream, Burr mix and allow to set in the cooler.


500 grams blueberries

800 grams water

2 grams oolong

125 grams sugar


Freeze blueberries. Once frozen, combine with sugar and place and place in a pot, add water, bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Add tea and let infuse for 5 minutes; strain through a fine chinois or super bag.

[Blueberry-oolong Consommé Sphere]

500 grams blueberry consommé

12.5 grams calcium gluconate

.02 grams xanthan gum

15 grams sugar


Pour blueberry-oolong in a Vita Mix blender, sift together the xanthan, gluconate and sugar. Sheer the dry ingredients while running the blender on low. Once all dry ingredients have been added, continue to blend for two minutes. Transfer to a container and let rest 12 hours; then freeze in half-sphere molds. Once frozen, unmold the spheres and add to warmed alginate solution until a thin skin forms. Transfer to a container of warmed water to rinse.

[Alginate Solution]

1000 grams water

5 grams sodium alginate


Sheer alginate into water using vita prep and let rest overnight.


White chocolate-tea shards

Calendula flowers

Lime zest

Fresh blueberries


Remove sable from dehydrator and let cool. Pipe small “dots” of white chocolate-oolong crème on blueberry sable (pipe evenly; the objective is to have a dot of crème with every bite).

Arrange an even number of blueberries and yogurt covered blueberries. Place three slices of blueberry pate de fruit at noon, four o’clock and seven o’clock. Place the sphere of blueberry-oolong just off center

Garnish with lime zest, calendula flowers and tempered white chocolate-tea shards.

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