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Inspiration for Executive Chefs
Sustainable Seafood Swims into the Mainstream
Kitchens embrace eco-conscious cooking
as it becomes common practice among
diners & chefs alike

Just like produce, seafood offerings should be made based on available seasonality. We will address this issue by analyzing what impact the catches have on cost to the restaurant as well as the environment.
Kelsey Elliot

Lamb Off the Rack
Less frequently used cuts shine on West Coast Menus
Always a popular meat, not only for its flavor, but also nutritional value, it is now not just about the rack. From lamb loin to lamb neck, cuts less frequently used have more frequently been popping up on menus. Chefs’ creations include both sophisticated dishes and a more casual vibe. Dressed up or dressed down, the bottom line is that lamb’s delicious.
Caitlin M. O’Shaughnessy

Move Over Ketchup! There’s a New Guy in Town
Culinary trends follow social trends as cultures & condiments collide
Despite chefs’ varying culinary backgrounds, many admit to an infatuation with common condiments from all corners of the world. Aioli, soy, Sriricha and sambal are quickly becoming must-haves in restaurant kitchens. We explore the ultimate condiments.
Julienne Markel

Raise a Glass to the Loca-Pour Movement
As restaurants support locavore dining, they have started to embrace locally-sourced beer, wine & spirits
It is no surprise that hyper-local drinking is becoming as important as locavore dining, revealed by drink lists that pay homage to locally focused lists highlighting top wineries, breweries and distilleries on the West Coast.
Johnny Gnall

Take Out Takeover
Chefs expand their brand through food halls, shops & unique to-go offerings
As chefs recognize the value of expanding their restaurant brand beyond the dishes they serve a new breed of restaurant that is a hybrid of retail and dining has steadily gained popularity.
Leena Trivedi-Grenier

Kick-starting his career at the CIA, later becoming Executive Chef at the renowned Ahwahnee Dining Room in Yosemite, Chef Whatley makes his way to France as a participant in the infamous Bocuse d’Or.
Gayle Keck

Pan Seared Butterfish with Red Wine-Braised Short Ribs
Atelier Crenn Lamb Neck
Pimms Cups with Romolo Burger and House-made Sofrito Sauce
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Culinary Trends

Vietnamese-style Curry Tofu Portobello Sandwich with Sriracha aioli & Szechuan Salt & Pepper Fries with Curry Aioli
Pickling Kit